Means of transport

The transport complex of Sevastopol is presented by buses, trolleybuses, minibuses, cutters, ferry, express-buses and taxis. The municipal transport carry over 600 thousand passengers every day.

To get to the Northern side of Sevastopol you should use a cutter which goes in three directions or a ferry transporting 100 passengers and 26 cars at once. Annually more than 5 million people use internal sea transport. Nevertheless, the local motor car parks are in a bad state and the majority of transport means are past repair.

The cardinal highways Sevastopol - Simferopol and Sevastopol - Yalta connect the city with all Crimean regions. Also, there is a ramified system of local and state roads.

The maximum productivity of rail handling is 600 carriages a day. The branch lines and terminals lead to the majority of bays and jetties; that allows carrying out the reloading of goods.

The none-freezing, deep-water bays have well equipped base on repair of courts and ships. It helps to create high potential in trade development and cargo handling. There is well equipped berthing infrastructure in the city which extent is more than 30 km. Sevastopol is the only none-freezing city-port in Ukraine; its bays have a natural depth of 17 meters on a waterway. The city borders with 12 sea states in 600 km zone that says about potentially high profitableness of sea cargo and passenger transportations.

The operational length of track lines equals to 0,2 thousand km, trolley-bus services (in single-track measurement) have 0,134 thousand km, highways of local and national value - 0,759 thousand km, with a firm covering - 0,591 thousand km.Relative density of all highways with a firm covering makes 78, 0 %.

Sevastopol has 9 automobile bridges, 7 overpasses and two large airdromes which accept transport planes and passenger aircrafts of any type. The airdrome "Belbek - Sevastopol" is possible to transfer over 500 tons of loads and service to 500 people a day.