Fuel and energy complex

The main supplier of electricity to the consumers is an open joint-stock company «Power- producing Company" Sevastopolenergo".

The fuel and energy branches are presented by the gas industry at a consumption stage. Sevastopol doesn"t have its own natural gas fields; therefore it arrives from the uniform system of gas conduits of Ukraine, where 14 % of gas belongs to the Crimean gas fields located in 70 km from the village Chernomorsky in the western part of the Black sea water area.

Transportation of natural gas occurs with the help of a land gas conduit in diameter of 500 mm which has been operating since 1967. In 1999 the new branch of a gas conduit was constructed. Diameter of a new gas main makes 1200 mm; its throughput capacity is 4 times more. Moreover there is one of the largest gas injection stations in Crimea which makes refuelling of high-pressure tanks by mixture of the liquefied gases (the prosier and butane). Except of the region necessities this station ensures all western territory of Crimea.

More than 100 gas stations and 2 large tank farms function in the city. The storage depot of the Black sea fleet is the oldest one. For delivery such materials as gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene and oils the automobile, railway and bulk-oil transport is used. For this purpose the specialised oil moorage has been equipped in the east area of the Sevastopol bay.

In the Kamishovy bay the oil terminal on swapping of oil products from railway cisterns in bulk-oil vessels is located. It has been constructed by the joint Ukrainian-Russian-Swedish enterprise for transportation of fuel abroad.

Generation and thermal energy distribution

There are two local enterprises providing citizens with heat: the municipal enterprise "Sevteploenergo", an LTD Company «SGS Plus» (the Sevastopol heat station), and also autonomous boiler-houses with various pattern of ownership. Approximately 114 furnace houses function in the city. They basically work with the help of natural gas though there are some furnace houses working on firm and liquid fuel (coal, black oil). The largest one is located in Kamishovy bay. It supplies more than 100 thousand inhabitants (25 % of the population of Sevastopol region).

For today there is a program of decentralisation of the city heat system. The basic directions of the program are: dismantling of some district boiler-houses by cutting off the most extended main thermal webs; the equipment of an aerial boiler-house; rising of new 226 mini boiler-houses, 170 of them are for buildings of social sphere and 56 mini boiler-houses for apartment houses with the worst performances of a heat supply.