Communication mediums

For today Sevastopol is on the second place on telecommunication density in Ukraine. Telephone service is provided by several organizations. "Ukrtelecom" is the largest by the form of rendered services and covered territory. It ensures long-distance, intraurban and international telecommunication. 30 automatic telephone exchanges link abonents with 80 cities of CIS.
The most popular means of modern telecommunication are mobile phones. The Ukrainian mobile providers give major services: inter-regional connection, roaming. Cellular service is presented by the largest mobile providers: MTC, Beeline, Kievstar and Life. The market of wireless telecommunication is supplemented with CDMA Ukraine, CDMA - Intertelekom.

The main Internet providers in the region are Sevstar, Ukrtelecom, Devkom-Volya Broadband, Sky - net. All of them ensure the wireless 3G Internet.

Municipal enterprise «Sevastopol post» includes 60 post offices located in all districts and provides citizens with post services.

There are 7 broadcasting nodes in the region. The verity of city and private radio stations work on FM range, among them the oldest one is "Omega the policy". Some radio stations have their branches in Sevastopol, but broadcast only news and advertising blocks.

The largest provider of a cable television is the cable broadcasting company "DEVCOM".

TV translation is realised by the radio-television transmitting centre located on a grief Vorontsovij. The special TV translators are in the city centre, Inkerman and with Balaklava. The city broadcasting company is presented by the Sevastopol television and the Sevastopol radio, broadcasting on the own channel.