Consruction&Real Estate

The Master plan of Sevastopol development till 2025 was submitted to consideration in 2005. It proposes to create a seaside ecological policy, the unique in its way. At first, it is supposed to build modern hotels and sanatoria, at second, to create several technical parks in order to adopt innovative technologies in the ship-repair industry and fishery. It is also necessary to carry 15 factories out of city boundaries to industrial zone and close the open-cast mines in Balaklava for the purpose of recultivation. According to the statistics the annual increase of the floor space is observed in Sevastopol. It makes 15-30 %.

For today this region is one of the most dynamically built up areas of Crimea, thus the first place belongs to a housing estate sector.

In 2009 the prices in the market of primary accommodation varied from 700 cu to 2200 cu for 1 square metre. It should be noted that the price depends more on the location relative to the seaside, than on quality. Apartments located in the city centre are also in prise.

The real estate market is specified by the following necessities: 1) demands for elite accommodation of a premium and de-lux classes with exclusive characteristics and developed infrastructure. These ones are convenient for a seasonal residing, as a residence in resort region for customers and buyers basically from big cities of east Ukraine, Kiev, Russia, the CIS countries and others; 2) demand for accommodation of a middle class. As a rule it is one or two room apartments, which buyers are Sevastopol families and also inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula.