Visa Information etc

  • The citizens of the following countries can enter Ukraine visa-free and stay up to 90 days:
  • the countries of EU, Andorra, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Mongolia, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland, the USA, Vatican, and the countries of the CIS
  • What you can import free of customs duties and taxes:
1 liter of hard alcohol

2 liters of wine

200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco

food products valued no more than €50

goods valued less than €200

Ukraine: Mailing and calling
Mail and phone services in Ukraine are lower in cost than those in Europe
Post and Internet -
located in the very city center
all types of mail - letters, packages, faxes, telegrams
rich selection of postcards and stationary
24-hour Internet café
Mobile phones
most popular means of phone connection in Ukraine (cheapness and reliability)
main mobile service operators in Ukraine (country-wide presence, roaming service):

According to Ukrainian law, to drive a car foreign drivers should have:
International Driving License in addition to the license from the home country
medical certificate confirming ability to drive a car
Car rentals usually request the renter to have driving license and passport valid in Ukraine
Kiev offers a wide selection of car rental agencies. Some of them:

Kiev: Foreign embassies
More than 60 states have their embassies in Ukraine
The below table shows the selected embassies of foreign countries in Ukraine and their contact information in Kiev:
Flag Country Address Phone

Australia 18/137 Kominterna St. +30 44 235 7586

Canada 31 Yaroslaviv Val St. +30 44 590 3100

Denmark 56 Khmelnytskogo St., 4 floor +30 44 200 1260

Germany 25 Khmelnytskogo St. +30 44 247 6800

Japan 4 Muzeinyi Lane +30 44 490 5500

The Netherlands 7 Kontraktova St. +30 44 490 8200

United Kingdom 9 Desiatynna St. +30 44 490 3660

USA 10 Yuria Kotsyubynskogo St. +30 44 490 4000