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Perspectives of cooperation in the field of recycling and waste disposal

Владимир Белявский

The ASA Group Company (ASA Environmental Services GmbH) was founded in 1988 in Austria. The company's team consists of more than 4.5 thousand people in eight European countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. As of today it"s largest company in Central and Eastern Europe in the field of processing and recycling of domestic waste with a turnover of 356 million euro. ASA Group provides a service to 130 cities and owns 40 plants and 26 landfill of waste processing. ASA is a subsidiary company of the Spanish company FCC – a world leader, which operating in 54 countries and the staff of which consists of 92 thousand people.
In the most cases, ASA Group was a pioneer in emerging markets (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria). Today the company is not represented in the Ukraine and Sevastopol may become the first city, which will work with this operator in Ukraine.
From the 4th to 6th of March representatives of Austrian company ASA Group – Pawel Szewczyk and Christian Unterkircher have visited Sevastopol. The purpose of this visit was to discuss possibilities of future cooperation in terms of organization of work on the processing of household waste in Sevastopol. Guests visited the RSW landfill in Pervomayskaya beam. They inspected the area, observed the work at the landfill and gathered information about how in Sevastopol organized the process of recovery of waste. In the building of Sevastopol City State Administration, local authorities, headed by the chairman of the SCSA V.G. Yatsuba had several meetings with the Austrian guests. During the negotiations, representatives of the ASA Group have shown a presentation of their company, while administration executives have told about potential of Sevastopol region. The greatest part of the meeting took a discussion about options of cooperation, including exchange of information about the cost of collecting, processing and disposal of garbage.
Representatives of the ASA Group expressed the interest in cooperation in the field of recycling of household waste, and the company has offered to take the full cycle of works like: setting up containers, collecting of waste separately, using special equipment while transportation and, finally, working with latest technologies. All that will be carried out in accordance with European standards of recycling and environmentally-safe standards. As a result of negotiation participants took two months "time out" for preparing all the necessary documentation and make a detailed proposal. If the conditions of this offer is suitable for both sides, then will be signed an agreement of intentions. On the basis of this agreement our and Austrian specialists will develop a working model of a contract, taking into consideration all local peculiarities. Developing of working model will be conducted throughout the year and result of this work will be the terms of the contract, ready for signing.