Prospects of the tourism industry in Sevastopol p.1

Travel industry for Sevastopol is a budget-poietic sector and now makes 3-5% of the total city budget. Taking into consideration the potential of the Sevastopol tourism industry it"s a sobering thought that income from tourism industry is inconspicuous and as a result, tourism potential of the city is not implemented. Following the results...

Prospects of the tourism industry in Sevastopol p.2

At the moment, it"s possible to characterize tourism business in Sevastopol as spontaneous due to the fact that most visitors stay at the private accommodation owners, and the question of legalization still have not been resolved. Furthermore, underdeveloped infrastructure of tourism does not bring significant revenue to the city budget. And...

Cruise port in Sevastopol:opportunities for the city

Today, one of the most scale and attractive investment projects in Sevastopol – is to strengthen the infrastructure of Sevastopol Commercial Seaport in order to take at least two ocean liners (2,500 people on board) daily. It"s in the planning stage that cruisers will call at Sevastopol 4 days per week for 4-5 months (cruise...

Perspectives of cooperation in the field of recycling and waste disposal

Representatives of the ASA Group expressed the interest in cooperation in the field of recycling of household waste, and the company has offered to take the full cycle of works like: setting up containers, collecting of waste separately, using special equipment while transportation and, finally, working with latest technologies. All that will...

Realization of EU project in Sevastopol will not be possible without support of business

The Sevastopol International Investment Forum - a platform for business activities of participants

Пресс-конференция: «Эксперты ЕС начинают отбор проектов»

Investment Climate

The investment climate of the region is ensured with a policy of Sevastopol authorities which have officially proclaimed that investment attraction is a priority orientation.


Sevastopol engineering includes two leading branches: shipbuilding and ship repair. One of the oldest enterprises "Sevmorzavod of S.Ordzhonikidze" is located in the city.

Economic Indicators

Since 2000, Ukraine has experienced strong economic growth. However, with the global financial crisis, it experienced economic decline in 2009.