Investment Oppotunities

Sevastopol has a huge investment potential which is represented by the vast territory, qualified manpower, favorable business climate created by the city authorities which priority task is to attract investments.

As a result of globalization processes in economic sphere, foreign capital investments play extremely important role for region development. First, it is a source of new knowledge in the field of management, financial resources, innovative technologies and methods, secondly, appearance of new business possibilities and markets for the local small and average enterprises.

Advantages of Sevastopol:

- The favorable geographical location, developing transport infrastructure;

- Unique natural and climate conditions;

- Extensive supply of land;

- Marine infrastructures (city-port);
- Traditional industrial potential;

- Capacities of transport ways;

- Base for development of winemaking and agriculture; appropriate natural conditions;

- A variety of objects and resources for all types of recreation and tourism;

- The historical brand of Sevastopol widely known in the world;

- High cultural, educational and mental potential of population;

- Understanding of Sevastopol authorities of necessity to create the favorable conditions for capital investments into the region. Accepted in 2009 «The strategic plan of investment attraction to Sevastopol» defines particular stages of strengthening business – infrastructure in the city.

The most attractive branches of economy are:

- Tourism and recreation;

-Marine complex (including development of a transport corridor,

-Industry and agriculture