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Export-oriented companies of Sevastopol

The largest companies of Sevastopol which export their services and products

Viticulture and Winemaking

The group of companies «INKERMAN International» - one of the largest wineries in Ukraine. Exports account for 35% of total production.
At the moment, the project of construction of the largest in the CIS and Eastern Europe factory with a complete production cycle (from receipt of grapes to bottling) is realizing. The cost of the project - 40 million of them in 2011-2012. were invested 25.4 million euros.

SE "Sevastopol Wine-making Factory" - a company holding a leading position in the production of sparkling (champagne). The plant consists of two plants for the production of champagne and sparkling wines, separated geographically and working offline.

Agri Ltd. «Zolotaya Balka» - one of the largest wine-growing farms in Ukraine with a complete production cycle (from the grape harvest to bottling). The uniqueness of the company – its own vineyard area of 1,420 hectares.

Mining industry

JSC «Balaklavskoye Rudoupravlenie» – leading enterprise in Ukraine that produces metallurgical limestone, which has no analogues in quality. In addition, the company produces crushed stone material, stone rubble, sandy material for construction work. BRU composition includes Psilerahsky and Kadykovsky careers that provide raw materials and Balaklava Kadykovskuyu crushing and processing plants, whose design capacity is 4.5 million tons and 4.0 million tons respectively. Limestone mined in an open manner. (Export - Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland) is a part of the "Smart-Holding". Since 2011, the start of work on site preparation for construction based on the BRU resort of national importance Balaklava Green. BRU will save extract limestone to 2015 at the current level, within 3-3.5 million tons per year. At the same time will go to the construction site preparation resort Balaklava Green.

Plant of Construction Materials "Inkerstrom"- subsoil user of Inkerman stone. It is the developer of the East Field of Inkerman (Ukraine, Sevastopol) saw limestone, produces environmentally friendly building materials from natural limestone. It is developing limestone quarries and production of large blocks of dimension stone wall and open way.

Marine cargo handling and passenger transport

Stevedoring Company "Avlita" - one of the most dynamic companies in Sevastopol. The company handles metal, and operates one of the largest in Ukraine grain terminal. Total annual capacity of the cargo complex is up to 5.5 million tons of cargo, of which 2 million tons are for steel and 3.5 million tons - grain.

Marine oil terminal "Yugtorsan" - one of the largest Ukrainian transport terminals handling and storage of petroleum products. The terminal area - 13,5 ha. Total volume of the tank farm for storage of petroleum products is 135,000 m3. In 2009, Novaro Investments Limited (Cyprus) has acquired a 50% stake in OOO "Yugtorsan."

Shiprepair industry

JSC "Sevastopol Marine Plant"- Sevastopol ship repair company, which occupies an area of 53 hectares, with two dry docks, production capacity which allow for the full range of the construction of ships and vessels up to 100m in length and 27m in width and trigger up to 3,000 tons.

Ltd. "Service Company"- Sevastopol ship repair company, which is engaged in Hull works, repair of process equipment and engine boats. Delivers ships dock in the city of Sevastopol, where the work is carried out to clean the hull with subsequent painting.

SE "Sevastopol Sea Commercial Port" - A company that specializes in the transshipment of goods, transport of passengers on intra boat lines, taking passenger cruise ships, safety of navigation, the maintenance bays city clean.

SE "Sevastopol Sea Fishing Port"- A company specialized in loading - unloading of ships, cars and vehicles, storage of goods under contracts with shippers, freight forwarding operations associated with the acquisition of goods, carried out on the basis of contracts with customers, berthing, mooring off and repositioning of vessels fleet forces and means; ensuring the safe movement within the port waters, safe parking and handling of ships; reception from ships, transportation and delivery of the treatment plant bilge - ballast water, oily water and sewage; inspection, preparation, and installation of marine inflatable life-saving and fire-fighting and other safety equipment.

Manufacture of machinery and electrical equipment

"Tavrida Electric Ukraine"- the largest manufacturer of vacuum switching equipment in Ukraine. The company manufactures switching modules, compact complete switchgear medium voltage, vacuum reclosers, voltage limiters for cable networks and routes, developing projects of modernization package of medium voltage class.

JSC «Molot plant» - one of the leading machine-building enterprises of the CIS, in the design, manufacture and repair of pumping equipment, marine systems, solutions development and production of equipment in the areas of water and sanitation, heating and energy-saving technologies for the mining, oil and petrochemical, chemical, aerospace and building industries.

"Sevastopol Instrument Factory "Parus " - one of the leaders in the Ukraine market of manufacturing lighting, power and explosion protection systems.