Location and Climate

Location and climate

Sevastopol lies in the southwest of Crimea peninsula (southern Ukraine). It borders on the Bakhchisarai area in the Northeast and on the territory of Yalta in the Southeast. From the West and South the region is washed by warm waters of Black sea.

Located at the Black sea coast and surrounded with Crimean mountains, the city-region occupies an extensive coastal territory up to 20 km long and stretches for 50 km to the North from the most southern point of Ukraine and Crimea - cape the Sarich .

The total length of marine coastline equals 152 km, state sea line - 143 km, overland border - 106 km. The area of territory of Sevastopol makes about 1080 square km, from which 216 square km is the sea bays area. The main part of the land makes mountains and forests. It is over 50 % of territory, then 38 % - agricultural zones and 12 % - city and country settlements.

The approximate distances from Sevastopol to the largest European centres:

Moscow 1280 km,

Rome 1730 km,

Paris 2425 km,

London 2610 km.

Berlin 1750 km

Istanbul 490 km,

Marseilles 2100 km

Districts and administrative subdivision

The whole territory of Sevastopol region includes 2 cities - Sevastopol and Inkerman, 1 settlement of town type – Kacha, 29 country settlements, and more than 30 settlements (agrarian type).

Administrative districts

1. Gagarinsky

2. Leninsky

3. Nahimovsky

4. Balaklavsky


Sevastopol has the characteristic climatic features. Moderately continental zone in foothills gets lines of a subtropical Mediterranean climate in the coast southeast. Monthly average temperatures of air within a year all positive. February is the coldest month (+0,2°С), the warmest - (+26,5,4°С) is July. Humidity of air is relative. In winter it varies from 60 % to 75 %, in summer from 42 % to 55 %. In comparison with the other regions of the Black Sea coast the humidity of air is low.