Life Quality

Public health
Municipal health-care system offers the diagnostics and therapy according to all basic specialities and has developed network of medical institutions (prophylactic and therapeutic). It includes: stationary hospitals and dispensaries, out-patient departments, medical emergency service, Children's home, Blood transfusion Centre, 2 children's rehabilitation sanatoria, Bureau of a legal medical expertise and others (about 27 medical institutions).
To call the emergency you should dial a number 103.
Traditionally Sevastopol is considered to be the richest cultural and historical centre. You are sure to find out every possible kind and form of art meeting aesthetic requirements of every person. The fine arts are presented by the Sevastopol artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic artists and photo art masters. The leisure hours you can spend in cultural institutions. There are 4 theatres, 2 centralised library systems (about 70 branches), 4 museums, 8 cinemas, club houses and cultural entertaining centres in the city-region.
The cultural heritage of Sevastopol is represented by monuments of archaeology, history and architecture. It counts over 2073 units.
The periodicals also play an important role in cultural life. One of the oldest, but not less popular newspapers of Ukraine is "The Glory of Sevastopol", as well as "The Flag of Motherland", "The Ukrainian Fleet", "The Sevastopol newspaper" and many others.
The scientific and educational base of Sevastopol includes 12 research institutes, including 2 research institutes of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 32 higher educational institutions of I-IV accreditation levels, 12 technical and specialized schools, 60 comprehensive schools and colleges, 83 preschool educational institutions. There are also 18 schools functioning in an innovative mode, about 33 general educational institutions use some elements of modern technologies in their work.
Physical culture and sports
There are all necessary condition for playing sports in Sevastopol: 16 sport schools, 7 stadiums, 21 sport clubs, 3 yacht-clubs, 6 indoor pools, 8 tennis courts, about 40 shooting galleries as well as playing fields and gyms, football grounds and 2 bases of the Olympic reserve.