Investment Climate

The investment climate of the region is ensured with a policy of Sevastopol authorities which have officially proclaimed that investment attraction is a priority orientation.

In 2010 the municipal "Centre of Investments" was opened. It is subordinate to the city Department of investments and foreign trade.

"The centre of Investments" along with the partner organizations does help the investors to promote their projects, and also gives them maximum information about legislative base and local peculiarities in this sphere. The RegionalDevelopment and Investment Attraction Agency "The "Fund Sevastopol" is a partner of the "Centre of Investments". It is the fund who tends to be the informer and assistant for foreign and local investors considering Sevastopol as a good place for investing.

The Agency is engaged in resource and informational supporting of foreign companies, preparing and realizing of different projects.

Its activity is financed by representatives of local business and international donors, thus some of its services are absolutely free for potential investors and trading partners.

In case you need a qualified help you should address the fund representatives. They will be glad to give you every kind of support in the spheres of business climate, investment possibilities of Sevastopol and investment projects