Municipal Infrastructure

Municipal infrastructure

The municipal infrastructure of Sevastopol is represented by systems of drinkable and hot water supply, heat supply, waste water treatment and solid waste disposal.
Heat supply
There are two local enterprises providingresidents with heat: the municipal enterprise "Sevteploenergo", and also anLTD Company «SGS Plus» (the Sevastopol heat station).
Approximately 114 district boiler shops function in the city. They basically work with the help of natural gas though there are some boiler shops working on firm and liquid fuel (coal, black oil)
Water supply
The water delivery system has 11 local sources, the main of them is Chernorechensky water basin, 2 auxiliary sources: Vilinsky water scoop together with the Intermountain water basin which is a reserve source, 19 pump stations, 23 hydro systems, 36 wells, 1094,8 km. water pipe grids. Every day the city consumes about 150 thousand cubic metre of water.
Sewerage and water cleaning
Sewage system of Sevastopol counts 9 sewage treatment facilities, 33 sewage accumulating facilities; 589,3 km of sewerage grids.
Communication service
Sevastopol has the developed structure of communication means which are presented by post services, communication lines, telecom and mobile providers, Internet.
The transport infrastructure is represented by networks of general using. The operational length of track lines equals 0,2 thousand km, trolley-bus services (in single-track measurement) have 0,134 thousand km, highways of local and national value - 0,759 thousand km, with a firm covering - 0,591 thousand km.
Relative density of all highways with a firm covering makes 78,0 %
Number of automobile bridges – 9.