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In June, 21st 2010 Sevastopol city state administration has opened the unified licensing centre, having gathered under the same roof managers from four city districts and representatives of different allowing organs which have to issue and reissue documents on a principle of organizational unity.

The unified licensing centre is located in the shopping centre "Avant-guard" (the 2d floor) on Tokareva Street, 11 and works daily from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. except Saturday and Sunday.

Along with the workplaces of representatives of allowing organs there are also some places for economic players, where they can draw all necessary documents. The experts from 20 various administrative structures work here.

According to 526 decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine there is a defined list of allowing documents which have to be issued in the given centre. For today it is 67 allowing documents.

Among the advantages of the centre are the high-level service, substantial reduction of registration time, simplification and transparency of registration procedures. Under special control are the non-corruption work and proper carrying out of civil worker"s duties.

Opening of the licensing centre was preceded by cooperation of Sevastopol authorities with the USAID project the LINK («Local investments and national competitive strength») which has given methodological and consulting help. It is necessary to mark that the unified licensing centres have been already opened in 2005 in all city districts with support of the USAID project "BizPro". However after opening of the city licensing centre there was no use in district ones.

USAID the LINK will continue to render assistance to a city for the purpose of effective work of the licensing centre in future.