Agricultural sector of economy includes such branches as: wine-growing and wine-making, fruit and vegetable conservation, poultry-farming. The agro-industrial complex is presented by joint stock companies, collective agricultural enterprises, agro corporations.The total area of used farmland makes 14,5 thousand hectares, where 6,5 thousand are the vineyards, 3,5 thousand – ploughed lands and 800 hectares - gardens.

Plant growing makes the main part of agricultural production and equals to 96,5 %, however animal breeding makes only 3,5 %. In turn, plant growing has prevailed brunches such as grape, fruit and grain growth.

The forestry of Sevastopol covers the territory of 35 thousand hectares, 32,8 thousand of them are the afforestation.


Favourable environmental conditions, necessary variety of a soil cover promote the development of viticulture, which is the leading sector in Sevastopol. The combination of natural factors allows growing various sorts of grapes (table and technical) which contain sugar within 18-20 %. For a season farmers gather in a harvest more than 40 thousand tons, that makes 17 % of all vintage of Ukraine. Winemaking enterprises are oriented basically on qualitative production of ordinary, branded and sparkling wines. The most known manufacturers are: agro corporation "Zolotaia balka", state enterprise "State farm-factory "Kachinsky ", Joint-Stock Company of S. Perovsky, state enterprise " State farm-factory of P.Osipenko ".

Insufficient development of cattle rising in the region has led the branch into decline; as a result the steady reduction of a cattle livestock is seen.

The bulk of foodstuff and agricultural products are delivered from other regions of Crimea and Ukraine: grain is delivered from southern areas, milk from steppe areas of Crimea, meat from Sumy, Nikolayev, Kherson, Chernigov and Chernovtsy areas, chicken production is delivered into the region completely. Potatoes are transported from the Chernigov and Cherkassy areas. Population necessities of the city are satisfied only in grapes and winemaking products (juice, wine), fruits.

In addition, it is necessary to define the priority sectors of economy for investment attraction They are: new vineyards planting, building of a modern factory of the produce processing industry in order to provide winemaking enterprises with winy raw material; building of modern poultry and pig farms.